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T2 – Corporation Tax Return

T2 – Corporation Tax Return

Every corporation resident in Canada is required to file the T2 Corporate tax each year. As you may have known, a corporation is separate legal entity and therefore needs to file its own return. The T2 Corporation Tax Return is the mandatory for corporations that operate in Canada. It is important to stress that the corporate tax rates and taxation laws are totally different from the individual taxation laws and tax rates.

What is Your Role?

You as a client has a big role to play to ensure accurate tax return. You must provide complete, correct, and accurate information about yourself and others to be included in your tax return (if applicable).

What is Our Role?

Our role as your tax preparer is to prepare your taxes professionally and accurately using a CRA-approved software and based on the information and data that a client provides.

What Documents Are Needed

The following are the basic documents needed for the T2 – Corporation Tax Return. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive. However, it gives a good idea about the type of information

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